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Many people hate flying and it’s not because they’re scared, but the annoying travelers that drive them crazy 30 thousand feet in the air. I have gone over the basics before…looking behind you before you recline your seat, giving the arm rest to the person stuck in the middle, and so on. But, there are definitely more travel faux pas out there and to make sure you aren’t the offender the next time you travel.

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Starting with being an overhead compartment hog. More and more people are choosing to carry-on to avoid checked luggage fees. Fill up the space under the seat in front of you first, if you can. Then use the bin that’s directly over your own seat.

Well, forget a child kicking the back of your seat, an adult fidgeting with the seat in front of them can be just as bad.Jamming your book, oversized water bottle and snacks into that seat pocket is super annoying to the person sitting in front of you and ends up poking them or shaking their seat.

This is also a problem with the new touch screens some planes have in the back of their head-rests. The rule here is to take care when placing items in the pockets and gently press on the touch-screen.

I’m a huge advocate for keeping kids occupied on the plane, but it’s important to make sure this is done quietly. Kids playing games together is great, but shouting and horseplay is not so fun for the passengers around you. Parents – make sure you control the noise level. This also goes for video games or portable DVD players with sound. Pop the headphones in or turn the volume down.

The next offender is the frequent bathroom tripper. Now I know when nature calls, well, it calls. But if you are someone that needs to get up to use the washroom frequently, do your other seat mates a favor and book an aisle seat. Getting up many times to let you in and out can be super annoying. Especially if your neighbors are trying to sleep.

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